Homework at RMGS

Feel free to leave comments/thoughts between meetings here e.g. Sam sent me this link: Homework: What does the Hattie research actually say?

I have read some of Hattie’s work in a fair amount of detail, additionally when I was drafting the Maths feedback/marking discussion document, so I’ll dig out what I can find in my notes.

Do add pages to this wiki as you see fit.

And I suggest, if you add to this blog page, to have a horizontal line between individuals’ comments so we can distinguish between contributions more easily.

Please add your initials/date to each contribution……
(AvT 180930)


We meet on Thursdays Week 2


  • Discussed parent questionnaire (needs to be written into a questionnaire document before creating a surveymonkey version). Next meeting: sign off questionnaire.
  • HW to write email to all staff enquiring about homework support offered.
  • ?IMC: surveymonkey login details (needed for the working party)
  • Work in student and teacher questionnaires (find out if other schools have completed a similar exercise).




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